Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some more Randomness

We celebrated Piper's first birthday this past weekend. Her actual birthday is this Friday, but Michael has to work next weekend. It actually went pretty well.

Allisyn can finally say all her alphabet without mixing up letters or leaving out HIJK!!

Piper is still almost walking! I'm giving up on trying to guess when it is going to happen because she seems to like to prove me wrong.

My mother is huge dork. Not only did she get a tattoo at the age of 52, she got it impulsively and picked something out AT the tattoo parlor. If your are going to get ink done put some thought into it and come up with something unique. Don't go in because your friend is doing it and get some random butterfly tattoo when you've never shown any special interest in butterflies. Also, she has yet to tell her mother. Ummm, hello? What is she? Like 12? Backing off the subject before I go on rant about her mom that will make people think I am a horrible person.

I ordered my iPhone! I will probably be wishing I would have waited it out and gone it and got in store, but I was too excited when it let me do it a day early! Maybe I will be able to blog more since I'm on my phone way more than I am on the laptop.


Lisa said...

I found myself talking with my supervisor at work how we each are turning into our mothers. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but after the age of 30 you find yourself doing a new "My Mom" thing very day. For example: I now have a bikini that I only wear in the backyard. My supervisor uses a TV tray (all the time). I gave up cursing and now say crazy words like, "goodness gracious" and "good gravy". Be thankful that all destiny may have in store for you is a tattoo...and don't worry, at least you still have a few good pre-30 years left in you, babe.

ChandraJoy said...

Thankfully, I have a huge fear of needles and a firm belief that if God wanted us decorated, he would have made us so. That among many other things are ways I can confidently say, I will NOT be like my mothe!