Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another princess!!

Today we found out that God is blessing us with another little girl! I think deep down I knew, but I was trying to hold on hope for Allisyn's wish for a baby brother. When we found out she's a girl, Alli's response was, "Oh, what's her name?" We don't know yet so she's going to have to wait a bit!

I told Michael our next house will have a man room or cave or whatever you want to call it. We do know that we will have to have at least one more bathroom before the girls reach the age of bathrooms being the place to be to get ready!

I really thought I might feel a little a disappointed with another girl, but I haven't. I'm actually pretty happy and a little relieved. I was kind of scared of the thought of a little penis and all that comes along with it! So now we will be thinking up girl names and get prepared for another little princess to steal my shoes and play with my make up and talk nonstop about princes and such!!


starlightmommy said...

I remember at 16 weeks we were told that our son was 100% positive a girl. Just 4 short weeks later we were kind of broken hearted to hear the daughter we didn't have was a boy. Happy baby girl to you!

Lea said...

How sweet! I agree...Happy Baby Girl to you!

Jana H said...

Yay, Joy. I'm so excited for you. I think you'll enjoy that so much, not that you wouldn't have enjoyed a boy. But now that you've had two girls, you kind of have the girl thing down pat. Can't wait to find out what you will name her. I'll be praying for you.

Lots of love.