Thursday, August 9, 2007

13 month appt.

So Allisyn had her 13 month appointment. Yes, 13 month, because we got off on her check-ups and she didn't have her 9 month until 11 so we had her 12 at 13. Anyway, she is weighing in at 31 lbs 10 ounces, measuring 32 1/4 inches. She got her MMR and Chicken Pox and her Hep B vaccine. These are the shots she has fared the best with! Something I did not know is that when they have these shots, the MMR and CP, they have to stay away from individuals who have had chemo. This was nice info to receive since my grandma has received her first chemo treatment and is having a rough enough time the way it is. Alli's dr was very happy with everything and told us what we already knew about weaning and getting her to sleep in her own bed.

Other news, my parents are calling it quits....again. This time for good I think. After 30 years of not trying to work it out I think it is for the best. My mom is waiting to hear about a loan for a house she wants, then she will be moving out. It has already started to get dramatic, but I'm trying to stay out of it.
Katy will be coming back to school this month. It will be nice to have her closer to us again. I may be helping her get around a bit until she can get a car. She is wanting to find a job off campus because they usually pay more and offer more hours.
It has been really hot and it makes for looong days. We don't have much shade in the back yard so I can't let Allisyn spend too much time outside without her getting to hot and risking a sunburn.

I really thought I had more to stay when I started this blog, but I just can't seem to come with much more. Michael's pharmacy is experiencing the typical speed bumps that comes when a major transition happens in a business. It makes for him to have long days. Today was his full day off and I could tell he needed it. This is weekend to work and he is not looking forward to it. Allisyn and I were going home this weekend because my brother is going down, but I don't think that is going to happen. Our budget has been a bit stretched the last couple of months due to moves and such.

Well, I am at a road block so I will wrap it up.

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Lea said...

Even if you just update once a week or even once every other week or so, that's better than nothing:). I enjoy reading what you guys are up to, even if it is a lot about nothing, which mine often is:).

I'm sad to hear about your parents. I agree that you should try very hard to stay out of it and don't take sides, as hard as that will be.

If you feel like getting away for a day or two sometime, you can come and visit us:). We'd love to see you and we have plenty of room and toys.