Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yet another catch-up blog

It is really to keep putting this off when you get behind! Last week was a loong week. Allisyn had a cold all week. Luckily it was Michael's Wednesday morning off so she stayed home with him while I got to go to my mom's bible study. Thursday we thought she was getting better and Friday was a good day, but then Friday night she screamed most of the night. Our poor little baby was sick. Michael was also feeling bad so Saturday we made a trip to the Urgent Care. $80 later we found out that Michael had what they were pretty sure was a form of strep. The strep A came back negative, but that is all it tested for. So it was on to Wal-greens where Michael and Allisyn got hooked up with some antibiotics. This was the first time Allisyn has had to have antibiotics. Sunday I was so tired and they were still feeling bad so we missed church in the morning. By Sunday night everyone was feeling better so we made to evening services.

Michael's parents were supposed to come up on Saturday but they pushed it back to next weekend.

This week has been better. Alli was feeling better, but her sleep schedule has been really off thanks to being sick. I actually have enjoyed it, but I think it is getting back to normal, which is ok too.

Wednesday we got to meet some of our friend newborn baby. She is sooo precious. They live up the street from us. They are really good friends with my brother and SIL and they are in our class at church. It has been nice to get back in touch with them. Their little angel was about the size of Allisyn when she was born. It is so hard for me to remember Allisyn being that small!
Allisyn proved that she will make a great big sister whenever that time comes. She was wanting to hold and kiss the baby. She and her daddy left and went to play at the mall while I stayed and visited with Kim and he mom. I got to hold E for quite a while!! It was nice, she slept the whole time.

Then we dressed Alli up and took her to see aunt Katy at work. We had hung out with Katy earlier in the afternoon rummaging around Goodwill trying to find stuff to throw together for a costume for her, but we didn't find anything. So we saw Katy and Alli fell asleep on the way back home. Michael handed out some candy, but not enough. We still have a big bowl full of junk.

Friday we got to spend the day with one of my mom friends celebrating her daughter's first birthday. She got of put it together kind of late, so we (Michael, Alli, and I) were the only ones there with them. It was nice. We had a lot of fun, and we think we might have found another family to do things with. It is nice doing stuff with Michael's friends, but they don't always take into consideration Allisyn when they ask us to do stuff. So another couple who can relate would be nice to do stuff with.

Today Alli and I made it to both services. Michael joined us for the evening worship and stayed to play basketball afterwards. Alli is doing really well in her class and doesn't cry hardly at all anymore! YAY! She is doing a lot better at behaving in worship, though she still likes to play with the people around her. Most times they don't mind, but it is still distracting.

I'm sure there was more I forgot, but I'm sure this is quite long enough. Hopefully I will do better at keeping it up! Maybe I will even but up some pictures soon!

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Lea said...

So sorry to hear you guys have been sick, but glad that everyone is feeling better now. Wow, Allisyn goes to big church with you? That's great! We leave the boys in their class during the worship service, thankfully, since I know they would not do well at all in big church. I'm guessing that may not be an option at your church? Well, if she can sit through big church, she is doing pretty well!

Hope you all are doing well. Tell Katy I said hi. I hope to see you all at Kathy's for Thanksgiving.