Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not been doing very good.

Sorry about not keeping this up. I am really bad because I will check other people's blogs repeatedly to see if they have updated theirs and wonder why they haven't and here I haven't blogged in over a month. Shame on me!

Hmmm, what all has happened since my last blog? I didn't review it, so I'm not exactly sure. I'll just start with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was wonderful. We got to spend it with my dad and his family. My grandma had all her kids and grandkids and great-granddaughter (allibug). Then we stopped by my mom's moms for a little bit. Then we went to my aunt Sandy's to see my cousin Jake who was in from Alaska and to meet his girlfriend who is from Florida (talk about long-distance relationship.) They were at a movie with her daughter and our niece. We saw them the next day.

Friday we got up and met my brother and SIL for breakfast and then went out to see my great-grandma and her new place. It is really nice! She seems to be so much happier in the assisted living house. We did not time it very well and got there not too long before her lunch so we were not able to stay long. Then we went to see mom at her house. Then it was on to see my grandpa. Then it was back to Sandy's for the evening. We stayed to late and Alli got so tired she cried all the way back to the hotel.

The next day we got up and went to Michael's grandma's. His parents were running behind schedule as usual. I think Michael finally realized that Alli gets bored at his grandma's. It was kind of sad for him to realize it, but at least he should be more understanding when she gets frustrated at being there for too long. There are a few things that are so different from our families. I think it will be better now that Michael realizes that Alli is not patient and does not enjoy staying there as long. We left as soon as she was starting to get tired and she slept all the way home! We were not expecting that at all, but we were very happy.

Hmmm, other news, Michael applied for and got offered a new job! He goes in Monday for his drug test and physical. He is going to be a staff pharmacist for OU Medical. He seems pretty excited about it other than the fact that most days he will have to be at work at 7 am. Hopefully though we will be able to get Allisyn on a better schedule that will allow us and him to be on a better schedule so it will be easier for him to get up and get to work on time. It will cut his drive time down by about 20 minutes or so and the benefits are a lot better than what we are getting now.

I'm sure there is other stuff as well, but Alli is down for a nap and I did not sleep well, so I am going to join her. I will try to put some pictures up soon.

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