Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No pictures

I have not got out to get any pictures because if I did a little miss Allisyn would want to go with me and that is just not a good idea. We have been blessed with electricity that runs under the ground. I did not realize just how devastating this has been until I read an article that said over 600,000 were without power in Oklahoma alone. Last night we opened our home to some friends who had gone the night before without any heat. They have a 13-month-old, and we couldn't stand for them to do it again. Little E has some sort of bug and is on antibiotics, her mom has decided they do not want to risk spreading it so they opted to stay in a hotel tonight.

Most of my family is without power. My aunt and cousin are staying with my g-ma because she has a propane heater. My mom is one of the lucky few with power in V-town. When my dad left for his trip, he still had power. My grandma M and grandpa and Uncle don't have power the last I had hear. My great uncle had to take my great grandma to his place because the assisted living place she lives at did not have power or back-up generators.

Michael has worked the past 2 days without electricity. Today they actually did some prescriptions so his day was not a total loss. He got to leave about 20 minutes ago so he should be home in a little bit. I have a crock pot of stew on that will be ready when he gets in. The roads were not bad at all today, but we only got out to drive Alli to sleep for her nap. She was so busy playing she did not want to wind down.

I am so thankful that we have been so blessed the past couple of days. My heart goes out to those who are going without power. I pray that it does not take the predicted 7-10+ days to get everyone back up and running.


Karen said...

I'm glad you guys didn't suffer the same fate as us here in T-town. I just got my electricity back today. I've never been so happy to see my house I think.

Charli Ann said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have added your blog to my list of links...hope that is okay!!

wishing you the best :-)