Monday, December 24, 2007

A Busy Week!!

So last Wednesday Allisyn and I made the trip to V-town. Thankfully she slept most of the way there and was not fussy when she did wake up. We had to go down early to help Pap-paw (my dad) with his Christmas shopping. We were hopping to having more time, but he had to leave on a trip to Chicago on Thursday. Sooo we went Wednesday night to Grove and did his Christmas shopping at Wal-mart. We went and ate Chinese for dinner then went shopping and Allisyn did a lot of playing with her Pap-paw.

Thursday we were treated to breakfast from Aunt Brandi. It was only McDonalds, but hey. It was still nice to have a free meal! Then we went and did a Wal-Mart run. It is all V-town has. We got some pretty flowers for my great-grandma, then we went and saw her. We gave her her Christmas present early. We gave all grandparents pictures with their gifts. She loved them. Earlier that morning she had found out about my mom and dad. I'm not sure how she found out, but she was terribly upset. I got on to my dad for not telling her sooner. I know they want to protect her, but I'm sure she would have rather heard from him.

Then we went to see AJ's Christmas program. It was cute! Allisyn had a good time. Then we went back to Sandy's and napped. Then we had dinner with Sandy and the kids and we hung out for the rest of the night. Friday we hung around the house for most of the day. The kids got there about 530 or so. Then Randy started knocking out the dry wall and the kids hauled out pieces to the truck. Allisyn helped. She was all about getting to do her fair share. Sandy got some really cute pictures. Michael made it to Sandy's about 10 something. Allisyn was very happy to have her daddy with her.

Saturday we went to Michael's grandma's and did Christmas with his family. His parents were supposed to leave their house by 10. I called that they wouldn't leave until 1130. They left even later than that!! We didn't leave until 12 and they only got their 10 minutes before we did. We ate dinner and then we opened gifts. It was a nice time. It had started to snow while were there and we left at a good time before it got real bad. We made it back without too many problems.

My brother and SIL had a lot of problems coming from Stillwater, but it had started about 1 in the afternoon. They made it to Sandy and Randy's ok. Allisyn is quite taken with her Uncle Dustin. She sits in his lap and plays with him, whether he likes it or not! She loves him and and her aunt Rachel. It is precious. I love watching them interact together.

Saturday night was not good. Allisyn did not get to sleep until 11:25 at night and then she was up at 5:10. We tried to get her back to sleep, but that did not happen. She was tired and cranky and it was terrible. Dustin and Rachel got up around 6 and she got happy again. It was amazing. Then we all got ready and went to church, but no one was there. Sandy and AJ left early because Sandy had a headache. We left early too, because Allisyn was too tired and cranky. She was passed out before we got back into town.

We went on to Brandi's because Randy was working on the house. Allisyn and I took a nap. We were supposed to do Christmas that afternoon. We did, but minus Sandy, my mom, and their mom. They were at the ER because Wanda was constipated and couldn't feel her legs or something. She is a hypochondriac drama queen, but that is whole nother blog. So we did Christmas with out them. Then went in town to mom's. We were not happy about having to do 2 things, but we did anyway. Alli got to see her aunt katy. She had her running around chasing kitties and playing with quarters. She was more interested and giving the bows to Dustin than actually opening presents. She really wasn't into it at all this year, but that is ok.

Last night was a great night for sleep. We were out about 1030 and slept until a little before 8. Then we go up and got ready for Christmas with my Dad's family! It was a wonderful day! We had Christmas at my Uncle and Aunt's. We have never had Christmas there before. We usually have 2 different things but we combined them this year and it was really nice to have everyone under one roof! The food was great! The atmosphere was great. The people are the best! It was my favorite day of Christmas with family this year.

We had a fairly nice trip home. Allisyn slept most of the way home. We stopped at mid-way and had a bathroom break and diaper change. We put in a movie, and she watched it some and cried a little and then ended up falling back to sleep. We were glad to get home. We still have ice in our driveway so when I parked to go open up the garage door, the 4-Runner started sliding down the driveway. I was backing in, I'm sure if I had pulled in, it wouldn't have. But I got in, got the pets addressed and was able to lay down for a few minutes.

And now I am pooped and I get to go to bed while Michael stays up with Alli-bug! Hopefully they will go to sleep soon too.


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