Friday, December 28, 2007

Sooo in case you haven't heard...

I'm pregnant! That is right! We are expecting baby number 2. Michael opted out of telling his family during our Christmas gathering... not sure why. At first I wanted to wait to tell them because the first time we announced we were expecting their reactions were not what we were hoping for. So when I told him he could tell them whenever he wanted to, he chose to wait. He told his parents Monday on the way back home when he had to stop by to drop some stuff off and pick some stuff up.

We were going to tell my mom's family Sunday during their Christmas gathering, but my aunt Sandy, mom and their mom spent the afternoon in the ER because my grandmother has issues. She is fine, she was fine she just has the ability to time her episodes when things are planned. So we did not tell them. There was enough drama going on that day with them.

Monday, as I said in my previous post was my favorite day of our holiday gatherings with family. My great-grandma, my grandpa and step-grandma, my grandma (they all get along really well it so wonderful to see). All of their kids. All but one of their grand kids (my sister was sick) and their great grand baby (great-great grand baby for my great grandma) was there. It was a happy day! We had LOTS of food. Turkey AND lasagna!! ( A Christmas Eve tradition). We we were very happy to be able to share the wonderful news with everyone there! It was a wonderful joyous occasion!

I did email my mom on Christmas to let her know that I was expecting her second grandchild. It might seem a little cold, but we have had some stuff go on the last month or so that made me feel this was the right way to tell her. I have yet to hear anything from her since.

My daddy on the other hand is very excited and calls quite a bit to see how we are doing! He is such a great pap-paw!

Pregnancy so far has not been as nice the second time around. I am SOOO TIRED. I'm sure it has something to do that I have to dedicate a lot of energy to Miss Alli, but by the time Michael gets home from a loong day it is all I can do but crash. I have not actually thrown up (Thank you Lord), but I have had a lot of nausea. I am hoping this passes soon. I haven't found an OB yet because we want to get our insurance switched before I find one that I like and find out they are not in our network.

Well, it is getting late and Allisyn is getting cranky with her daddy so I better go see if I need to step in. Thankfully he has been off today. We had a 12-hour-day on Wednesday and a 10-hour-day yesterday. We have another 10-hour-day tomorrow. I'll be glad when the long shifts are a thing of the past!

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