Monday, December 10, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Christmas. A white Christams. Too bad it is all ice. We went to church yesterday. Thank goodness they did not cancel morning services, because it did not even occur to us to check for closings. Attendance was down, as was to be expected. We stopped for dinner on the way home. Then I got out later to go to Wal-mart for things we needed. I thought it wouldn't be too busy, but I was sooo wrong. It was madhouse.

This morning I got out to run to the post office to mail a box off I was supposed to get off last week, and to get some stamps to mail out our Christmas cards. The worst road was the street we live on. The main roads weren't not too bad. While I was out I stopped at Wal-Greens to get some ornament hooks and little hooks to hang up stockings. Then I ran to Braum's to get milk. We only drink Braum's milk because it does not have any growth hormones. Both Braum's and Wal-Green's power was flickering while I was there. Luckily we have not lost power, though I have a few friends who have.

Michael had to leave early to go get his physical and drug test done. His appt was originally at 1:30, but they were wanting to send their employs home so he moved it up to 1230. When he left, his store in Midwest City was without power. Hopefully they will close the store and he will be able to come home early. Allisyn has been all about her daddy being home this weekend. It has been a nice break for me.

We have moved our dogs inside because it is just to nasty for them to be outside. They have been so good, and Alli-bug enjoys them being inside. We got the Christmas tree put up and now the cats think it is their place to hang out. I have candy canes on the tree as decorations, but I may have to rethink them, because Alli has already helped herself to one! It was too cute. Messy, but cute. Apparently my grandpa and uncle had lost power yesterday, but my daddy still had his when I last talked to him.

Well I am off to go try to get my kitchen cleaned up while the dogs are asleep in the living room! I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

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