Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Happy New Year!

Well, we did it! We (all 3!) stayed up until midnight and rang in the new year with our class from church! It was a great deal of fun, but of course very tiring. Michael and I are so glad that we have a group of friends who have kids that we can do stuff with. We are the only couple amongst his friends who have kids so we cannot do things with them very often. We have a wonderful group of people in our class. There are quite a few of us pregnant too! The next baby is due in Jan, then one in April. Then 2 in May. Then 1 at the end of July and then us! There may be a few more in there, but I'm still not familiar with everyone in our class. We just had a baby born on Dec 20th, two right around Thanksgiving, one in October. It is a great group of young families!

We are really praying that this year is much calmer than 2007. We should have no major moves, or separations. Michael will turn 30 and we will add a new bundle of to our family. Michael will start a new job next week (Praise the Lord!) Other than that we are hoping for a calmer less money consuming year! The only two things that we really need to do, is to pull up the carpet and have laminate installed in the main living area, and to upgrade our car to a minivan. The way Michael and I both sit so far back there is not enough room behind the driver' or passenger's seat for an infant carrier. Sitting the baby right next to Allisyn in the middle is not an option either, so we are going to go with a minivan. I think Michael is less than thrilled, but I will be the main driver, so it is ok. That an the whole expense of a new baby, but hey, we can deal with that!

So far this new year has been very productive. We have shampooed our carpets and picked up a lot of our stuff! The carpets still need to be replace badly, but they do look a LOT better! Michael did a great job. I didn't do to much with the shampooer thing. Right now Micheal, with the help of Allisyn, is trying to tinker with our recliner, but it really isn't getting anywhere. We got a crappy chair that sits too far forward. You have to throw your legs up and your body back to get the leg rest to come up. It is not as comfortable rocking as we thought it would be either. We just got a lemon of a chair.

Well, I should see if Michael needs any assistance. I'll try to update again soon.

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