Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Murphy's Law

So David Ramsey mentioned that when you are starting to save money that Murphy comes knocking. He says that if you have money saved, Murphy goes right on by. Well, we are very much in the starting point so of course, Murphy is going to come visit. Today Michael went out with Allisyn to run to the store. I was working on my stuff. For those of you who don't know, I am doing an at home Medical Transcriptionsit program, I'll address that a little more later. So I was working away and didn't notice that I hadn't heard the dogs. They like to talk to all the other dogs in our neighborhood.

Well Michael came home with a sleeping Alli. She has been resisting her nap for mom lately and takes LATE naps for dad. Not a good thing for our night schedule. Anyway, he noticed that our fence had blown down. That is right, our fence blew down. Two panels and a post. Our dogs had of course taken advantage and took off to explore the neighborhood. Michael dropped Alli off, and then took off in the truck to find them. Our wonderful friends and neighbors, Brian and Kim, had noticed and had stopped by to tell us. Luckily I was outside and they did not have to get out. Right at that time Michael let me know that he had them. They had almost made into the next neighborhood! We have been really bad dog owners lately, and our dogs are not wearing collars. Shame on us. Max, our cocker spaniel, is microchipped, but we haven't updated his info for it. Again, bad us. Our lab has no microchip, but we are fairly certain that they would not take off from each other. Praise the Lord, they are home safely and that we did not have to call the shelters to try to find them. We are lucky enough to have a small fenced in area inside our yard so we can still let them out without having to worry. I don't know how I would walk them both with Allisyn!

My Medical Transcription program was started to give me something to do that was mentally stimulating, and to help give me something to work towards to be able to work at home when I am done. It is taking a little longer to get through than the school advertises. Which seems to be the normal for most of the students. I can do some of the work with Allisyn alone, but mostly I need Michael to be home to watch Allisyn. It is hard to listen to a dictation and pay close attention to Alli. It can be a little stressful at the times when I am trying to work, and Allisyn thinks she needs mom. Michael often just tries to give up and let her come bug me. It often ends up in some snapping at each other, but we are really trying to work on it.

Other things we are working on, THE BUDGET. The first go at it, was very scary and had me in tears, but it will get there! Thank you, Jessica, for your encouragement! It really means a lot. One thing, that has really overwhelmed me is that the reccomendation for transportation is 10-15% of your budget. Ours is a pitiful 23.8%. If anyone knows anyone in the market for a used 2004 4-Runner with under 36500 miles on it, let us know. Well, it is getting close to Allisyn's bedtime, and I am sure it is going to be a battle thanks to the late nap.

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