Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One of THOSE days.

It started off ok. Allisyn woke up in a good mood giving out hugs and kisses. She got to talk to Pap-paw on the phone before she even had to get out of bed. What a great way to start the day, right? I was able to get dressed and got her partially dressed (BIG mistake). I decided to leave her pants off and her onsie undone because I knew I was going to have to change her diaper before we left for my Bible study. Well I was in the bathroom with my glasses off and cleanser on my face and in she walks with her POOPY DIAPER!!! She had taken it off, and brought it to me. Not after getting poop all over the carpet and peeing on the floor twice. I wanted to scream. I manage to refrain while blindly cleaning up the carpet and Allisyn.

I finished washing my face and finished getting her dressed and we were off. Well, not before she turned the dogs loose in the living room before I could let them outside, but that was only a minor problem. Then about half way to the church, Alli sneezes. The kind of sneeze that requires a nose wiping. Sooo, here I was praying for a red light, and none came. She was finally able to wipe her own nose just in time to prevent the snot from going into her mouth. Finally I was able to pull into Sonic and wipe her nose. Of course she just thought she had to have a juice while we were there, so we got her an apple juice. She drank it until we got to the church and we left it in the car for later. I got my Dr Pepper and things were good for an hour while she was in the care of others.

Then back out and about. I somehow missed out on lunch, so we stopped at Chick-Fil-A, but on the way, she managed to put a whole in her apple juice cup and while I picked it up, I made trail all over the car. Just wonderful. Then at Chick-Fil-A I had to wait on our order as the 10 people who ordered behind me, got their food. At least 4 of them, ordered the same thing I did. What is up with that??? I am holding a 30lb child waiting on my food, WHY do I have to wait? So we finally got our food and she did pretty good at the restaurant until we were getting ready to leave and she wanted down. Then she threw a fit when I said no.

Then I had to drop some stuff off at a friend's and she fell asleep on the way! YAY! Only to wake up as soon as we got home. BOOO! No nap for mom today. Luckily she was in a good mood for the rest of the afternoon until dad got home.

We have set a record! We have cooked full meals two evenings in row! WooHoo!! How sad is that? But they have been good meals and we are excited about getting back into the groove of cooking. Last night Michael started some chicken tetrazini and I had to step in and take over to save it. It really came out good. His best friend came over to try to help with some stuff so he had dinner with us. There was not much left! Tonight we had tacos! Good stuff.

Some congratulations to some friends are in order. Some friends, of ours from church, JC and Courtney, had their beautiful baby boy yesterday!! Also taking place yesterday my friend, Kristen and her family, completed their adoption of their little girl! It was a good day for families yesterday!

Well after today I am ready for it to come to an end and I am off to bed! Actually my little girl just came to get me!

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