Saturday, January 19, 2008

A night out AND a night of sleep!

We went out on our date last night and it was really nice to have dinner without a toddler grabbing everything or getting upset when they can't get down and run around. We went to Othello's. We walked in about 730 on a Friday night, and guess what? There was NO wait!! The hostess was like, "you guys are lucky, lucky, lucky." We sat upstairs at a table that was kind of closed off by some dividers. It was cozy and nice. Well, it might have been more so, but the building was not set up to be a restaurant so the noise travelled throughout making it kind of noisy. We weren't complaining though, we still really enjoyed ourselves and the food was really good.

Allisyn also had a great time too. She was a little hesitant for her daddy to put her down at first, but once she got down and headed for the toys she was fine. She did not even know we had left! She also discovered a love for Honey Combs. Apparently she would not eat the pizza rolls, but she took right to the Honey Combs! She even went so far as to dump Jack's bowel into hers while he went to get his milk! Leave it to our greedy little monster! They said she did not miss us at all! Which is great because she has not spent a lot of time with the family.

We decided to just do dinner to try keep Allisyn close to her schedule. She and dad were out by a little after 10 and we slept in until 9!! It was nice. For some reason it has been taking me a while to shut down at night again, but last night was a lot better than the previous nights.

So far this morning we have moved the guest bed back up to the guest room. It has been in the nursery because it usually stays pretty cold in there. We had some friends stay with us during the storm who were without power and we moved the bed down for them. Now Michael just has to move about 5 boxes up stairs and the room will be just about cleared out! YAY!! The reason for the push today is I have a massage and there isn't enough room with the bed in there.

This will also make it near impossible for Michael to come up with excuses to get it primed! We are waiting to find out what this bean will be before we decide what color to paint it, but I want the color in there now covered up. I had originally picked out a yellow for the room, but thanks to some random thing I read on the Internet I cannot paint it yellow any more. Well, I'm off to get myself and my house ready for the massage.

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