Sunday, January 6, 2008

A night alone.

So the rest of Thursday went well. I think. My days all run together. We were very glad when Michael got home. Did I mention that it was his last 12-hour-day? Wooohooo! Friday he got up and went to work, did I mention that this was his last day with Williams? It was. We were all happy about it. His day was long, but he was glad to turn in his keys at the end of the day. That night I had a party with some friends. Michael and Allisyn went to Jenks to stay with some friends that we don't see very often. They stayed all night, which was really exciting because I got the whole house to myself! I slept sooo well. Michael said Allisyn slept really well too. We were excited because we thought it was the beginning of a trend.

Saturday morning they headed back this way and went to the OU basketball game with a friend. They didn't come home until almost 5 which meant they were away for home for about 22 hours. That is the longest Allisyn and I have ever been away from each other. I got our bills paid and our budget set up to cover the possible missing of a check as we switch over from a 1 to 2 week pay period. I also got some school stuff caught up. I had fallen behind. Thankfully we had gotten a weeks extension on our deadlines or else I would have been in trouble. I have my assessment almost finished. I just have to go over it a few more times.

So I got caught up on school stuff and by the time Michael and Allisyn came home, I was very happy to see them! Allisyn was pretty happy to see me too, but she still all about dad! She had gotten a shiner at the basketball game. She whacked her eye on a seat or something. It is pretty blue! Last night was not good for sleeping. We started out by trying to have her sleep in the guest bed, which is in the nursery right now, but it did not last as long as we had hoped. She ended up back in bed with us wanting to be attached to me. I do not sleep well at all when she does that. None of us got a lot of sleep last night.

But we did manage to get up and get ready for Sunday school. Our young marrieds class is really huge and we are about to out grow our classroom. They still had the heat on, so I kind of got a little sick. We did not make it for worship this morning. I was soo tired and sick that I knew that I would not make it. So we came home and I rested most of the afternoon. Allisyn and Michael went out for a bit and came back when she was asleep. Then we all napped together.

Then we got up and went to church tonight. I was feeling a lot better. Allisyn was being very restless so she went to the nursery. Her Wednesday night teacher was one of the attendant's tonight. Allisyn really likes her. She was blowing her kisses when we were leaving. We also got signed up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. We are both really excited about going through this and hope that we learn how to manage our money the way God wants us too.

Right now Michael is playing basketball with the guys and Allisyn and I are hanging out at home. Thankfully he got a ride home so we did not have to take 2 cars. Allisyn is getting a bit of an attitude so I will wrap this up. She was playing so well and snacking on some marshmallows, but now she is need of my attention. I love being a mom!

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