Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Good Night's Sleep!

Well, we tried something different last night. I slept in the guest bed by myself and Allisyn and dad slept in our bed. It went really well. She only woke up once to have her diaper changed then went right back to sleep for him. It must be a momma thing that she has to be on me or curled up right next to me all night. This morning when I got up to go to bed with her she did ok until Michael got into his noisy drawer. Then she fussed a little and found mom and stayed curled up right next to me until we woke up. We are going to try it again tonight.

Michael started his new job Monday. He seems to like it pretty well. He hasn't really done much. He went to orientation on Monday. It was long and boring, but it something that must be done. It was such a beautiful day on Monday that Allisyn and I made it to the zoo! We were there for about 2 hours and I was worn out. I was so looking forward to a nap, but no. Allisyn took a power nap on the way home and did not go back down. I wanted to cry because I was soo tired. I was so glad when Michael got home.

Tuesday was a good day. It turned cold again, so we stayed inside. It was kind of longer day because we woke up at 7. AAAACK!! I'm not a morning person, much less and early morning person. I was glad when she fell asleep in my lap in the chair around noon. We ended up napping in the chair, which was not real great. Luckily she was in a better mood when she woke up.

Today, I got a call from a friend, who was also our realtor. She was in a pickle and needed a short-term sitter for her little boy. He is 21-months-old. She said she would only take me up on it if we let her return the favor. Of course I was going to take her up on it. I couldn't leave her without a sitter, and having a return sitting is just great! It went really well! They got along really well. They had a few "mine" moments, but nothing too bad. It was a nice day. I had to battle Alli a little bit for a nap, but she finally went down. I did too!

Michael came home and we got some alone time to talk while Alli finished her nap. That doesn't happen too much! Then we got dinner ready (we actually made our own dinner!) and then we ate and went to Wednesday night class. Allisyn really loves her bible class and it is fun to see her excited when we go!

Michael should meet with his boss tomorrow and get an idea of what his schedule will be for the rest of the month. Hopefully he will learn some stuff so that he can actually do more than just check prescriptions. He is happier with his situation which is a big plus. I am soo happy he is excited about it.

Well that is our update for the past couple of days. It is kind of nice not having to wrap because Allisyn needs me! Right now she is playing a puzzle toy with her daddy. Priceless!

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