Thursday, January 3, 2008

18-month checkup

Today was Allisyn's 18-month check up. After a long night of us not sleeping well at all, I had prepared myself for a bad appointment. Allisyn did NOT want to wake up and get dressed. She finally got woken up to start chattering and things started looking up. This was the first appointment Michael has had to miss so I was not looking forward to it all. I was very surprised and happy to find out there were NO immunizations today!! YAY!!! The appointment went really well! She weighs in at 30 lbs 1.5 ounces. Measures in at 35 1/3 inches. Her head is 48 3/4 cm. She is above 97% in all 3 categories. We got the go ahead to switch her over to 2% milk. She was quite the chatter box and talked with her ped and the nurse like she knew them very well. Her pediatrician is quite pleased with her developments. She agrees a visit to a pediatric dentist as soon as we get out dental insurance would be wise. She also agrees that it would be mean to put her into gymnastics. If she fell in love with it, she would outgrow it and not be able to carry on.

One of her newest words is moooo! She loves finding her cows and talking to them. She is really in love with her new kitchen she got for Christmas. It is so cute watching her work away. Right now she is "vacuuming" with her vacuum. I also think she is filling up a diaper. That tell-tale sign of squatting and grunting is going on. So I am off to change a diaper!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love being a mom!?

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