Sunday, January 20, 2008


So I have been really good at not caring what the gender of this baby is. I mean, yes we would like a boy, but a girl would be nice because we have so much stuff. BUT, I am now really really hoping for a boy. Why the sudden change of heart? Because I do not think I can take 2 little princesses packing my purse and shoes around the house or always having to put on "makeup" when I am getting ready, or having an obsession with my clothes. This morning it took us 5 minutes to find my shoes for church. Allisyn likes to wear them around the house. She is actually getting pretty good at it. Luckily they are just flats. I have to keep the heels out of reach or I am sure, with her inherited grace and coordination, we could have some serious injuries. I'm just not sure I could be patient enough for two girls. Not to mention the amount of effort it takes to get a little girl ready with her hair and everything. Of course, if we do end up having another princess, I will learn how to cope, but I'm really hoping for a boy.

We got a Life Group at church today! Well, we had on assigned to us and then I lost the contact information and so we didn't know for sure which one we were in. So some guys from our class were like, "Come join our Life Group." So we did. It was nice not having to come home and find something for lunch, and we got to fellowship with some great people. Allisyn actually did pretty good, other than the usual attempts at making the table her chair and all the fun stuff. Her white shirt is still more white than orange, which is a small miracle considering we had lasagna. We were hoping she would fall asleep on the way home for a nap, but no. She is still going strong.

So last night we went out for a little while to one a friend of Michael's who was turning 30. I have often told Michael that it is a good thing that I fell in love with him before I met his friends, or else things might have played out differently. I have come to like spending time with some of his friends more and more over the past few years, but we are still so different. For starters, we are the only ones with a child. They don't always think about that when they call us up, wanting us to do something. They also don't understand why we just don't "drop her off" somewhere and come out anyway. Ummmm, because our daughter comes first.

Anyway, so we went over for a little bit last night and they had rock band set up. I think I mentioned my first encounter with this game on New Year's Eve. Let's just say I am not good. I attempted singing a bit last night, but it kept telling me I was messy. At least I was never the first one to fail out. They kept saying their was something wrong with the calibrating or something, but I have no clue. I did tell Michael that we should probably never get one because I would become addicted. I would hook Alli up with the drum or guitar, which ever one I was not trying to master, and we would rock out. It is a good thing we do not have a gaming system of any kind. This means we are way less likely of getting one.

Well, I am supposed to helping Michael come up with our weekly menu, and instead, I am blogging. We are trying to come up with a menu so we can buy only what we need instead of impulse shopping. We are hoping this will help with out budget. We sat down yesterday and came up with our quick budget for FPU and boy do we need help!

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