Friday, January 25, 2008

A much needed MNO

Last night I got out for a much needed Mom's Night Out. Nine moms from my online mom's group got together at Starbucks. We got there about 730 and didn't leave until a little after 10! We just last track of time talking. It was nice to get out and relax. Allisyn gave her daddy a bit of a rough time and didn't go to sleep for him very easy. She was out by the time I got home though.

The past two days have been pretty good. Allisyn is saying more and more. Yesterday she told her daddy. "Cows go mooo." It was so precious! Right now she is pulling around her train all over the living room. It is cute. We are also watching the Goonies! It has been forever since I have seen it. It really cracks me up.

We have made it to 4 nights with making our own dinner! Go us!! It has all been pretty good too! Michael was supposed to get another check from William's today. A week's worth of vacation pay plus 2 hours they owed him that they left off his last check. Of course they conveniently forgot to cut his check this week and it will be there next week. Luckily we were not expecting to begin with so we aren't going to be hurting without it. Still it is very frustrating to know you are supposed to get a check and they don't follow through.

I forgot to mention another wonderful family event in my last post, but the 23rd also marked the 1 yr anniversary that my Aunt Lea and her family brought home their 2 beautiful boys from Russia. I can't believe it has been a year. We do not get to see them as often as we would like, but it is great to watch them grow!

Tomorrow we are heading up to Stillwater to see my brother and sister-in-law. They always stop by and see us, but we do not get up to see them very often. So it will be nice to go and see them for a change.

Aren't children so funny with their resilience. Allisyn just comes through running the living room, wipes out, cries for a second, daddy helps her up and she takes off again! I am cracking up over something I totally should not be laughing at. She was playing with my purse just fine on her own and Michael tries to get her to play with him. She was NOT wanting to do that, so she whacks him with my purse a couple of times! I know I should not laugh at that kind of behavior, but it was soooo funny.

Now she is happy with her daddy again and they are trying to find something to eat. They ended up with some ice. Well, I know that this has been really random so I will wrap it up because I am not any kind of focused today.

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