Friday, January 18, 2008

Date Night

What is that? We are suppose to have one tonight, and we are not sure what exactly that consists of. It has been a while. My friend is repaying us for our last minute rescue for watching her son the other day. After dinner our last night that ended up with a cranky Alli-bug who did NOT want to stay in the booth while dad finished eating, we are pretty sure that dinner alone is going to be part of it. Other than that, we really don't know. We are not wanting to stay out too late because we want to keep Allisyn on her schedule, or pretty close. We won't be able to drop her off until 7 so dinner and a movie would be pushing it. Anyway we are excited about getting out alone. The last time we have been out on a date was back in August for our anniversary.

Michael is still liking his new job. The IV room is not his favorite, but I think once he gets back into the groove of it, he won't mind it so much. Our schedule has been working out for the most part that Michael is home when Allisyn wakes up from her nap. She really enjoys that. Some days it seems like she is trying to give up her nap, then she will try to nap about 430 or later. NOT a good thing for a 930 bed time! It is nice getting her to bed before 11 though.

Thanks for all the encouraging input about the car. I know it will work out for the best when the time is right. I just have that new-car-twitch, and I need to try to get over it for a while. I have to try to refrain from frequenting the Toyota website. hehehe--easier said than done.

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