Friday, January 11, 2008

Isn't it sad...

when you have to go and read your previous post so you remember what you blogged about and where you left off? I usually have to do that, even if the unusual happens and I blog 2 days in a row! Anyway, Thursday night did not go as well as had hoped. I ended up getting up about 2 to sleep with them. Alli would not calm back down for her daddy, so I went back in and slept with them. I use the term "slept" loosely. Of course she wanted to be RIGHT on me or by me giving me very little room to move around. Which is not good because I really do have the need to roll around from side to side quite a bit. She prevents me from doing so and it causes and unhappy body most mornings. We are working on it though. Last night I slept with them and just shoved (not really shoved) her over when she got asleep enough. It gave me enough room to do a little more rolling around, but not much. At least we got to sleep in until about 9. Which is amazing because she was asleep by 930 last night!

The past 2 days have been pretty good. We had a lunch/playdate on Thursday. It was nice to get out and see some of my mom friends. One of them has 3 little girls and is due within the next week with her 4th. She is a super mom indeed. On our way back Allisyn and I picked up some stew meat to put in our stew. We took dinner to a couple in our class in our church who just had a baby. They now have 2. Their little boy is a few months older than Alli-bug.

Today, Allisyn and I just hung out around the house. We had a lazy start to our day, which was really nice for a lazy feeling mom. We had a lot of snuggle time. I love snuggle time. It makes me feel special! We took a later nap and were still asleep when Michael came home. Then he ran out to get milk. Allisyn wasn't too happy when he was not home when she got up, but he was home shortly after. It is so precious to see her get excited when he comes home!

His job has been going pretty well. He was told to just jump right in and start asking questions to start learning. He was a rover today, which meant he was out on the floor answering questions from doctors and nurses. I think he like it more than he let on. He got some scrubs from the hospital, but we don't think the pants are going to be long enough! We may have to go buy some this weekend for him. I think he is looking forward to being able to wearing scrubs.

He is off for the second weekend in a row which will be nice! Not sure what we will be doing, but that is ok! Well, I'm off to see where my family disappeared to. They left me in the living room alone.

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