Saturday, January 12, 2008


We have hit the stage in Allisyn's development where we must really watch what we say around her. The other day I was having an early "I'm pregnant and fat" day. I told Allisyn that I felt like a fat cow. Her response, "Mooooo." Cute, right? Other things that are being said, "uh oh." It actually comes out like ahh oh, but it happens when anything falls or she drops or throws anything on purpose.

She also uses "NO" quite a bit. She even does the sign for it. Sometimes it is very hard not to laugh at her when she is suppose to be in trouble and she is trying to tell you "no." She is so serious about it. It is really comical when she is in another room and you here her saying "no." You can't help but go and see which cat is getting in trouble. Usually it is Tiger

She also likes saying "grape" before eating every grape. She likes saying "more," even when she doesn't really want more. She also like the word "mine." She really enjoys getting stuff that she knows is not hers and saying "mine," just for the reaction. She really doesn't like it when you have to take it away and tell her it isn't hers.

Life with Allisyn is always exciting and sometimes very tiring, but we wouldn't change much about it!

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