Saturday, February 2, 2008

13 Weeks

Yep, I am now in my thirteenth week of pregnancy. The past couple of weeks have been pretty good. Well, when Allisyn allows me to sleep, but I really think those days would not have been pleasant even if I weren't pregnant. Take Wednesday night for example. It was a very restless night. She was awake from 130 ish to 230 ish in the morning. Then I spent from 230 to 330 trying to fall asleep, praying that she would stay asleep every time she moved. She stayed asleep until 515 when she decided she was going to start her day with dad! WHAT!?! He hung out with her for a bit while he was getting ready for work. She laid back down and we watched TV for a while and she went back to sleep after 730. Then we were back up by 9. I was for sure we would get a nap, but no! No nap all day.

I watched my friend's little boy and her daughter for her again as a last minute thing. Thankfully Michael got home soon after they arrived and he was able to help out. I made dinner, and Michael was planning on going to poker night, but because the weather was not very great he stayed home. We ate dinner and then went and watched TV in bed and Allisyn was out by 755. It was nice. She slept all night and didn't get up until 8! Friday was a much better day! Allisyn came to me when she was ready to go down for her nap.

Yesterday was still a crazy day. I spent most of the day on the phone with my dad, mom, brother, SIL, and my aunt. We were trying to figure out the status of my parents marriage. It turns out they have been divorced since 1990. I'm really having major problems with this. They have been living together for around 17 years without being married. My dad did not have a clue. It is so mind boggling.

Right now Michael and his friend are trying to fix our fence. The previous owner was not the sharpest tool in the shed. There have been so many projects that he has tried to do himself, that are causing us so much trouble. Two panels that were supposed to be sharing a panel proved to have one panel having 95% of the post and the other panel barely hanging on. No wonder it blew down!

The budget is coming. It isn't pretty, but it is coming along. It still makes me want to cry and scream at times, but I have faith that we will get it.

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