Friday, February 22, 2008

I think we are FINALLY over it.

We are feeling better. Michael and caught the stomach bug from Allisyn. Michael seemed to have it worse than I did. He ended up taking Thursday off of work, but he went into today. The house still looks like we have been sick, but it is slowly getting better. Hopefully this weekend we can knock it all out and get it looking back to normal.

I received a huge blessing today. A friend of mine from a Mom's group I belong to gave me a big box of maternity clothes! I almost cried when I went through them. It will save us a good deal of money! Allisyn also got to get out and play with a friend and see a new baby. She was quite impressed, and kept wanting to get up close and personal. It was cute.

We have also been blessed with with a pretty nice tax return. It was really irritating when we knew Michael's last job was not taking out taxes correctly, but it is nice now. It will help us get some much needed items (baby furniture) and pay off some of our debt!

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