Friday, February 8, 2008

Sickness has hit us hard.

So Allisyn did have a something. Though it really did not come about until Wednesday. She had temperatures up to 102.5. It was a day of cuddling and babying. By Wednesday night I was starting to feel it come on and Allisyn was feeling better. NOT a good mixture. I have this horrible cough that can bring me down to me knees. Yesterday it was productive, but after a major coughing fit it became dry and is really painful.

Last night Michael took Alli to poker night because that was the only way he could go. He had invited a friend and didn't want to not go or bail out. Today he was wishing he had not gone. He left work early because he is coming down with it too.

I am being the biggest baby with this thing. I am so thankful that tomorrow is Saturday and Michael will be here all day to help with Allisyn. She has not been getting the best mommy care the past 2 days and I feel horrible about it. I won't even get into the state of our house right now....ugh.

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