Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

What happened to our beautiful spring weather? I think that it is just mean when we have such beautiful weather like the past couple of days and then we wake up to weather like today. So now, I have to pay attention and try to get my dogs to go outside in the breaks of the rain. They are big weanies and won't go out when it is raining.

When I started this about 2 hours ago, Allisyn started cuddling with me and did not want me on the computer. She is now back asleep and feeling a bit warm. I hope she is not coming down with something. Usually if she gets sick, Michael catches it and while his system is fighting a little something, he picks up something else from work and brings that home to Allisyn. It is never a good cycle. So I am praying that when she wakes up from her unheard of morning nap, she is back to her cheerful, active self.

Last night we had FPU. It wasn't so bad this week. We are still working out the budget. It is really kind of difficult since we don't know exactly how much Michael will be bringing home. The past 2 checks they had not been taking out for insurance or retirement or anything. Now they will be. Also when he works nights and weekends, he makes a little bit more. So it may be a couple of months for us to get a real clue on what he will be bringing home.

I am now anxiously awaiting my last assessment back in the module I was in. After I get it back, I have to add the mistakes to my final and see if I will Supplemental work. So far I have had 2 A's and 2 B's. Much better than my first Module! I had about the maximum Supplemental work in between Module I and Module IIA.

Well, I am off to take advantage of Allisyn taking a nap. I am going to relax with a book and be close to her in case she needs a mom.

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