Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Catch Up

I haven't blogged in about a week soo I will play catch up. Really, not a whole lot has been going on. So I will do little bulletins of things I remember:

-- Wednesday morning Allisyn went to the baby-sitting provided for my Young Mom's Bible
study without any fuss! She just went in and started playing! It was a big relief to me. We
then went out to eat lunch with some of the moms and their kids. It was really nice.

-- Earlier last week Dustin took my dad a bed, because my mom took them all. He also bought
him a vacuum so that he can get the house cleaned up. Their vacuum had been broken for a
while so who knows how long it had been since it was last swept. That is part of the reason we
have not been there in a while. Now he has one and he is getting a good start on getting things
cleaned up. That way we can have a place to go see him and be able to spend a while.

-- Friday my sister, Allisyn, and myself drove up to Stillwater to the walk-around at OSU. It
was OSU's homecoming and they kind of do it up big. It was nice to get to see my brother and
SIL, but it was tiring. Allisyn would let them hold her at the beginning, but in the end it could
only be mom.

--Saturday and Sunday Michael got to work his weekend shifts in Edmond so he got home
earlier. Which was nice because I got to go to a Mom's Night Out with some moms on an
online support group that I am on. We went out for coffee at Barnes and Noble. It was nice to
be able to sit and talk.

--Sunday Allisyn and I went to church. We made it to class on time and Alli went right in again
without any fussing!! YAY!! When I went to get her she was happy and enjoying herself. I
really like seeing her enjoying herself in class.

--I have a friend (the one I gave my 1st massage to in a long time) whose baby was due on the
18th and she still has not had her. She was at church and I took them some stew that I made
for dinner tonight. They are soo ready so we are praying that the baby comes soon.

Allisyn is now battling a cold. We aren't sure where she got it. She's had a runny nose for a while, but now it is a miserable cold. She has been having interrupted sleep and just all out whiny and clingy. I hate it when she feels like this. There just isn't too much that we can do. Right now she is eating a banana, which is a big improvement! Hopefully it is on its way out. Luckily Michael has the morning off tomorrow so she can stay with him while I go to bible study.

My mom is completely finished moving out and has all the animals with her now. My dad has no heat at the moment. Hopefully he will fix that soon since the weather has turned cooler. My great -grandma is doing good! I am so happy to hear that. My dad also said my grandma felt well enough to travel to Tulsa today to see my aunt and her boys. That is very good news!

Well, Alli is whiny again and Michael is trying to do something so I need to go take her.


Rick said...

What was Michael up to? (Just passing through and looked at your blog.


Lea said...

Wow, sounds like she is doing great with her class at church. I hope our boys start doing that soon. They have still been crying when we drop them off but we have missed a lot lately. I'm glad you have some other mom's that you can get together with and that you have found a good Bible study. I need to do the same:).