Monday, October 8, 2007

I guess it is really over.

Between my parents that is. My mom signed on her house last week and moved most of her big stuff this past weekend. There was quite the drama when they thought they had lost one of the cats. Everyone was trying to blame my dad and all he did was come home. Turns out he was not lost, he just hid really well. I feel really sorry for my daddy because now he doesn't have anyone to keep him company. He acts like he isn't going to miss the cats, but he will. Especially since my mom is not the best at taking care of their needs.

We placed membership at church yesterday. It is a good feeling to have a church home again. Michael neglected to mention that they were going to want a picture though. Luckily my hair was behaving somewhat, but I would have toatlly worn something else!

My wonderful husband is currently giving our 15-month-old a store bought sugar cookie. Just great. Why in the world he thought we needed a whole tray of sugar cookies, I have no idea, but he bought them and he gave one to Alli. This apparently is her second one this evening. He is sooo staying up with her tonight if this wires her up. Right now her mouth is black from the sugar on the sugar cookie. I am not a happy momma. Luckily she got distracted and does not want the rest of it. UGH! OK, moving on.

So I finished my first module in my at home medical transcriptionist program. I am now doing supplemental work. I have decided that I am not going to let this bother me, but rather I am going to be thankful that I picked a program that cares enough about you to spend the extra time to make sure you know what you are doing. They give you a week to complete each exercise and I finished my first one in about 8 hours. I'm praying that I did it right and that it will not be coming back to me for more work.

I am pretty sure that I had more in mind to blog about but a phone call from my sister proclaiming the Edmond was being overtaken by spiders has distracted me. We are not being attacked by spiders in our neighborhood, but my Katy is saying that they are everywhere on her side of town. Spooky.

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