Sunday, October 14, 2007

A trip home

Yep, we made it back to V-town this weekend. We went because AJ was doing the little cheerleader camp. We surprised her by being there. While we were there, we saw my mom's new house. It is a nice house. She doesn't have a lot of furniture right now. Well, all the rooms have beds, she took all of them and left my dad without one. Luckily Dustin and Rachel have one they need to give a home too. They are about to get another one from her family. They should be able to get to dad this week.

We also got to see my great-grandma! She is doing great! The last time we saw she was not doing well at all. When we came in this time she was out in the hall coming out from lunch! She was very happy to see us. We bring her flowers every time we go see her because she told my aunt one time that if she had the money, she would buy fresh flowers every day. So we try to make her day every time we see her. They are talking about moving her to an assisted living facility. She does not want to be in the nursing home anymore, and it looks like she really does not need to be! My grandpa and step-grandma went and looked at the assisted living facility in V-town by the hospital. Everyone I have talked to says it is really nice. I hope they can get her moved soon. She seems like she is ready.

Unfortunately, we had to miss seeing my grandma M again. She had just got out of the hospital. She has been having a rough go with her chemo and they did not want to take a chance of her catching anything. My dad said she sounded better today when he talked to her. I feel really bad that we have had to miss out on seeing her the past two visits. Hopefully next time we can see her. She has chosen not to get radiation. I am happy she has decided this. I do not know much about it, but from what she and my aunt have said it is for the best.

We went and saw my dad for a bit at my grandpa's. Allisyn really enjoys seeing her grandparents and great-grandparents. Squirt, my grandpa's dog, is a little jealous and let Allisyn know with a sharp bark. She was not happy about this. She did not understand why this doggy did not want to love on her. She got over it quickly as her pappaw and I took her for a walk around the yard. Then she came back in and played hard and flirted. She gave kisses to everyone when we left. It is just precious.

Then we stopped in Pryor to see Michael's family. They of course are not very respectful of other people's time. I'm trying to not let bother me as much, but it is hard. I still get irritated. Overall it was ok. We left, later than we wanted, as usual. Allisyn slept a little on the way. She woke up before we got to mid-way so we stopped. It is a good think we did. We caught the end of a nasty looking accident. What was left of a car was on a wrecker and they were loading up a semi onto one when we passed. Luckily Allisy slept all the way home and stayed asleep when we got home.

Today we went to church. Allisyn is getting really good in class. Today I went down a little early and caught the end of their class. It was cute. They had cloth birds on sticks and the teacher was trying to get them to fly them around. Allisyn was! It was sooo cute. Most of the other little ones were chewing on theirs. Allisyn put her bird back in the box when the teacher asked. She was happy to see me, but she did not come right to me. She played for a minute before I got her to come to me. She did good the first part of the service, but we took her to the nursery because she was starting to talk to everyone around us.

Well, it is storming like crazy here and Michael and Allisyn should be back from a run to Wal-mart soon and I need to go help them in. More to come later.

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Lea said...

Hello there dear niece! I just caught up reading on your blog. Wow! You guys have had a lot going on. You mentioned taking a course...are you looking to start a different career? I may have missed a post or something where you discussed this further.
Glad you got to see grandma Rilla. I had heard she was doing much better but have not been to see her in a while. I need to go sometime soon.
Good to catch up with what's going on with you guys. Alli sounds like she is doing great. The pictures were really cute.