Saturday, October 6, 2007

Everyone is well again

Thank goodness. Luckily, Allisyn and I did not pick up Michael's stomach bug. He only missed the one day of work and is now feeling completely better. Thursday our screen and prjector came in. Jeremy and Natashia came over and the screen is put up, and the shelf for the prjector is up. We have to get some sort of angler thing or something. I'm not real sure. Michael has gotten 2 of the 6 speakers hung up. I'm really proud of him. He had to cut holes in the wall and he has done a good job so far!

Allisyn had her 15-month check-up on Thursday as well. She is doing great. She weighed in at 28.6 lbs. I actually think she is a little more, but she would not sit still. She kept trying to get her daddy to pick her back up so the nurse kind of guessed. She measured in at 33 inches tall and I never remember what her head circumference is. She is starting to plateau on her growth chart. She is now a hight percentage in height than weight. Her ped said she is doing well physically and developmentally!

She has been having night wakings quite a bit lately. Her ped said this is normal for this age, but I'm not sure the extent of Alli's are. Last night we were up for 3 hours. She was all happy and fine while we were outside playing with the dogs or in the kitchen playing with utensils, but when we sat down to rock, she through fits. Finally Michael got her to sleep by walking around the block with her.

Then at 630 this morning our house alarm went off! It is sooo loud. The alarm company said it was the glass-break detector, but we could find no glass anywhere. Whatever it was, I hope it doesn't happen again. Then Alli and I went and returned a stud finder we borrowed from our neighbors. Their daughter is around 7 or 8 and she was letting Alli play with her sidewalk chalk. It was cute.

Now Alli is playing and hopefully wearing herself out so we can take a nice nap this afternoon.

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Karen said...

I guess maybe my insomnia will be a good thing if we ever do have kids...

Glad to hear that your house and everything is starting to fall into place. I'm sure Michael will be a handy man yet... lol

I'm glad you guys are back in Oklahoma and that I found your new blog.