Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sickness sucks

and it is at our house. Last night about midnight or so, Michael started loosing everything that was inside of him. Today was supposed to be his 12-hour day, but luckily they were able to find someone to go in for him. Luckily they get sick pay and Julie (his district pharmacy manager) told him to stay home until he was feeling better. I hope Allisyn and I do not catch it. I have been there and done that once with her and I REALLY don't want to do it again. I KNOW that I will have to go through it again at some point in time in her life, but I really hope it holds off until she know how to puke in a container and not all over mom and the bed.

We decided this weekend that we were going to go ahead and take the plunge and boost up our entertainment system. Can we say OUCH!?! I love that Jeremy (best man in our wedding) works at Radio Shack and knows about things, but we always end up with more than we think we are going in for. We went for a projector and a projector screen. We got those, and a stereo thing and speakers to go with it, and wires to hook things up. And we finally got Allisyn a DVD player for the car. So hopefully, our trips back to Tulsa and Vinita won't be as unbearable for her. Hopefully everything will get in soon and they can hook everything up on Thursday. It may not work out that way, but that is my hope.

I still haven't been sleeping all that well. I took 2 Bendaryl the night before last and it helped me fall asleep, but it didn't help me stay asleep. Michael was really great with helping with Allisyn that night. I think I would have slept better last night if Michael hadn't gotten up so much. Then Allisyn woke up way earlier than I was hoping for so I was up and at 'em and still feeling tired.

Well, I think Allisyn's clothes should be dry so we are off to the store to get some things I forgot while shopping yesterday. Well, they were out of her fruit chews, but I totally missed juice on my list. I know once I get it, she won't drink it, but she was sooo upset when she wanted more of a Capri Sun that her aunt Katy gave her and I didn't have any more. So hopefully it won't go to waste.

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