Friday, September 28, 2007

Insomnia Sucks.

I used to be able to fall asleep really quickly, sleep soundly through the night and actually wake up feeling like I had slept. I miss those days. Two nights ago I actually had a date with Mr. Clean and his magical erasers on my kitchen floor. The good news about this is it actually helped me get to sleep before 2 am! I went through the entire eraser on my floor. It started out as me just cleaning up some paint that dripped, then I went on to the grout. It was much needed, but I just wish I would not have had the need to do it starting at midnight.

I refuse to take anything because I am afraid it will knock me too much for me to hear Allisyn. I know this probably unfounded since I have tried some of Michael's sleeping aides before Alli came along and they did not help, that and Allisyn is still sleeping with us. It is like she has radar or something. Since her bed is lower, I honestly think she can tell if she does not stop at the level of our bed. Very rarely can we lay in her bed without her screaming. She usually doesn't even wake up, she just starts screaming!

Do we regret having her sleep with us? Not at all. If we were to do it all over again we wouldn't change a thing. If the next one comes along and we figure out it is easier on me to co-sleep with them while nursing, then we will. Don't get me wrong, we want Allisyn in her own bed, but we aren't going to be those parents who try to let their child "cry it out." That does not work for Allisyn, she doesn't just cry. She screams and gets herself so worked up she makes herself sick. So for now we continue to share our bed with the little bed hog named Alli.

In other news in our lives, Michael has not heard back from Wal-mart. It would be nice to hear something one way or another. Target does not have any openings at this time. I do not know for sure if he has actually called Wal-Greens or not. The other day he asked me what I though about him taking a night position at Wal-Greens, I quickly told him no. The way it works is they work 7 days straight, 7 off. Allisyn would not understand why daddy was home during the day yet not playing with her. So for now he is still putting up with the crap that his current job deals out. This is the first time since we have been together that I have seen him truly miserable..

Well, Allisyn is trying to learn to walk in my flip-flops and has one stuck on her leg. I must go rescue her.

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