Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A lot to catch up on

and I am sure that I will leave stuff out, but that is what I get for not blogging more often.

We made it Vinita a week ago today to see my great-grandma who had fallen and shattered her hip. She is now in the nursing home, the last place she really wanted to be. The day we were there she was a little out of it because they had to give her some pain medicine. She was able to talk for a little bit, but my aunt said she was not as talkative and alert as she was the last time she was down. The latest reports that I have been getting is that she is doing better. She still isn't too happy to be in a nursing home, but there isn't too much that can be done about that unfortunately.

We had to miss seeing my grandma again. I was pretty bummed about that. She was having a rough day and was not feeling well. She had recently undergone her chemo treatment and had her shot that boosts her white blood cells. That is what they think really bothers her. Hopefully we will be able to make it back to see her soon.

Katy is back in Edmond at school. It is nice having her back closer to us. I am helping her get around until she can get a car. I think this semester has gotten off to a rough start so if you wouldn't mind keeping her in your prayers, that would be great. She turned her application at Hobby Lobby and we are anxiously awaiting a call back to see if she gets to proceed in the process.

My uncle Bobby and aunt Kim came down this weekend. Mom had located 4 free tickets to the OU pounding of N. Texas. It was Bob's first OU game at OU and he was in heaven! Him, Michael, and our friend Tim and Julie went and they got into the Sooner Fan Club Tailgate Party! They said it was really nice. They had a really good time. Kim, Katy, Alli, and I went shopping and got some gelato! It was a good time.

Alli has had a snotty nose since Friday. Michael has been battling a sore throat and sinus problems. I had some sinus pressure yesterday, but nothing too bad. Allisyn is cutting some more teeth. She skipped a few and I didn't notice the new ones further back until she was screaming the other day and I was able to look in her mouth. I think this is why we had some horrible days last week. Now that I know I keep an eye out and if her gums are swelling, we give her some Tylenol to help the pain.

Our weaning took a turn for the worse. She got onto what we were doing pretty quick. Last night though I reached my breaking point. She has gotten really lazy in her latch and it HURTS. So I gave in one time last night to her crying and then she BIT me! Hard. That was about 11 something probably. She has not nursed since. We had a time getting her to sleep, but then we slept until about 3:30 and we were up until abut 5:30. She finally fell asleep in the rocking chair. Today we rocked to sleep for her nap. We got in about 2 1/2 hour nap! It was nice and much needed.

We are really enjoying our church. They had a Marriage Matters Seminar last week. I did not get to go to all of it, but the sessions I did get to go to were very good. I'm excited that they will be back in February to one of the other congregations here in Edmond. I am also very excited about a Bible Study that the church is going to provide for young mothers! It will be on Wednesday morning and they will provide low cost child care for the hour!! I am really excited about this!! It starts on the 12th.

Well, I'm sure there is more that I have left out, but I can't think of anything at the moment!

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