Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good-Bye Ugly

That is what I said to Allisyn's bathroom as I finished the painting in there yesterday! We had kind of gotten ourselves in a rut with the painting and it just kind of stopped. My SIL, Rachel, has described the walls as looking like someone had hurled up mixed sherbert. It was pretty bad. They had sponged on some green, pink, yellow, purple and you could see all those colors in there, but you could also see the ugly mixture it made on top of it all. It was gross. Now it is just one color of sherbert, orange. It did not really turn out the way I thought it was going to, but it still looks much better than what was on there. I think once I have the time (hahaha) to get in there and sand down all the wood work and repaint it to a less yellow cream it will look even better.

I also completed the kitchen and the dinning room! I now have 2 red walls in the kitchen! The dinning room is not how we had planned it, but we decided to go and paint all one color for now until we decide where we are going to put the chair rail that will divide the two tones we are going to use. So now I just have to go and pull down all the tape and all the painting that the average visitor will see is done! We still have the future nursery to paint. That will be my next project. I am wanting to get it done so I can set it up as a massage room for now. Then all that will be left is the upstairs guest room which we are not in any hurry at all to do, and our bathroom, but we are going to wait until we remodel to paint.

Our next big project will be our floors. I am so ready to get rid of this hideous carpet in our living room and on the stairs. It was stained enough when we moved in and new stains keep coming up. I think they had tried to clean some of them and they did not get them all the way up. So add their stains to ones our cats occasionally add and it getting pretty gross. I'd like to get rid of the carpet upstairs, but that will probably be a later project.

Today was my mom's bible study. It was nice. I didn't have Allisyn with me so I did not go to lunch. Michael took her to the zoo this morning. They had a good time. She napped on the way home, but woke up when they got here. She still hasn't taken a real nap and she really needs one. Soo now, I am hoping she just stays up and goes down a little early tonight. I wanted to go to church tonight, but I can't risk her getting crabby on her teachers. It is not fair to them or her when she gets like that.

Well, I know I had more that I was going to say, but since I have started this, we have blown bubbles twice. Gone out front for a bit, gone and seen the dogs for a little bit, and we are in the process of having a fit because we are so tired that we do not know what we want. Well, now we are done with out fit and a chasing a cat away from a bag that we have been playing with!! Ahhhh, the moodswings of an almost 15-month-old.

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Lea said...

Wow, you've had a lot going on since I last checked in! I really enjoy reading your blog. It's so nice to have a peak into your lives. Mom and Kathy were here yesterday and they said you have put Alli into a youth bed. You are brave!! I am hoping the boys stay in their cribs until they are at least 3!! They will be there for as long as possible anyway.
It's good to hear how you all are doing. Tell Michael and Katy hi for me.