Sunday, September 23, 2007

Good, Bad, and UGLY

That can pretty much describe our weekend!

Friday was the good. I got to go to a Pure Romance party at a friend's house and I took Natashia with me. Mom and Katy watched Allisyn and Michael went over to Jeremy's house to watch the game. Jeremy and Natashia just got a new 58" high def plasma TV so that was the place to be for the game. I think Michael is a wee bit envious, but he knows there is not one in our future for a looong while!

Allisyn was the perfect little angel for my mom and Katy! I was sooo happy. They said she did not fuss at all. Katy was kind of surprised because she has been hanging out here a lot and she knows how cranky she can get. Luckily for them, she did just fine. The party I went to was fun and interesting, you have to be a very special kind of person to sell Pure Romance stuff, and you get to learn a lot more about people's personal lives than you might care to know, but it was fun! I'm thinking about hosting one, because a lot of our mom's really wanted to go, but had stuff come up last minute and they couldn't make it.

Saturday we spent the day with Mam-maw and Katy. First we ran to the Farmer's Market and got some corn and peaches. Then the Dollar Tree and I got some picture frames. (I saw some of the same ones later at Target and they were trying to sell them 2/$5!!) Then we came back so Alli could take a nap, she needed it! Then we went out and ate at Friday's it was a nice lunch, then we went to Hobby Lobby and Target. Allisyn got an arc thing that kind of goes a long with her animal train. Aunt Katy told mam-maw about how she really wanted it one time when we were shopping and Mam-maw spoiled her a little.

Those were all good parts.

The bad parts, Allisyn has been having night wakings again and they haven't been pretty. I have also been battling my insomnia again. Friday night she woke up around 11 something and I had her back in bed around 1230 or so. Then mom and I stayed up til 3 talking. I just can't get to sleep some nights. Last night I was actually asleep by 1 am! (this is an improvement for me lately) The Alli was awake from 3:10-until after 4:30. We think her teeth and tummy maybe the cause, but we aren't sure. She has 4 new teeth. She skipped her eye and stomach teeth and went to the ones after them. It took us a few days to catch on, because we couldn't see them until one day she had her head tilted back and she was laughing and I caught a look of them starting to come up. So unfortunately we did not make it to church this morning. Michael tried to get me up while he got ready for work, but I was just too tired. Allisyn and I ended up sleeping until 10, which told me she would not have been pleasant at church if I would have woke her up and made her go.

The ugly was her attitude for this morning. She was cranky and whiny and screaming. I gave her Tylenol for her teeth and gas drops for her tummy. She kept trying to tell me she was hungry, but couldn't tell me what she wanted. We tried a hot dog, she took a bite and through it on the ground. We tried yogurt, she just played with it and ended up wearing most of it. She did not want cheese or her fruit chews. She dumped her Cheerios all over the living room floor and in her bedroom. She drank her milk and water, but didn't want more, then she did and after I poured her more, she didn't. It was a very frustrating day until we went out to lunch with Katy. Our lunch wasn't so good, but at least she was in a good mood while we were out! Luckily she slept on the way home and stayed asleep for a nap. I laid down with her and we were asleep until dad got home.

Then I ran out and did some grocery shopping and they went to the park. Michael said she was giving hugs to a little 4-year-old boy who was playing there as well. I bet it was cute! Then we came home and had dinner and she was trying to help herself off her dad's plate. It was really cute! Then she had a bath, and was not as happy with it as she usually is so it was cut short. She was still in a crabby mood when her dad put her to bed. It is now 11:09 and I am praying that she sleeps all through the night.

Other news, Katy starts orientation for her new job tomorrow! She is pretty excited and a little nervous. Mom should be getting her a car within the next week or so. I think everyone will be happy about that. Well, I could ramble on, but I need to go remove some cats from my counters.

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