Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Approximately 46 hours

have passed since Allisyn last nursed! She is taking pretty well! She has asked for it a few times, but after being told no we went and found her cup of milk or water! I'm in a good amount of pain, but they say it only lasts a couple of days. I sure hope so, because I am not comfortable. Right now she actually asleep in her own bed! We are hoping she stays there awhile.

She is just growing in leaps in bounds. She is climbing up on everything. She is beginning to really enjoy sitting down and looking at books. She likes to color under close supervision of course. She loves trying to feed herself. She is getting better at being gentle with the cats. She looooves to be outside. She likes the front yard or the back yard with the dogs. She loves having her Aunt Katy around more often.

Today I got to go rescue Katy and her friend. They were at Hobby Lobby and they locked the keys in the car. I have AAA so I went up there and called to get them unlocked. I have so been there before and was very glad that I could help them out.

Michael is seriously talking about looking for a new job. He is not getting near the benefits he was getting and we are paying more for what we do get. Tie all that up with the drive and he is ready to move on.

Well, due to the discomfort I am feeling this is going to be pretty short. More to come later.

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Lea said...

Just getting caught up on your last two posts. Wow! You have a lot going on. I'm so happy to hear about your progress with weaning Allisyn. That's great! And I know you are enjoying having Katy back. I hope her job situation goes well and that she really enjoys whatever job she ends up getting. I am so glad that you can be there for her. God works in wonderful ways.
Must go. The boys are awake. I hope you are all feeling better and that Michael's job search goes well.