Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It has been over 2 weeks

since I weaned Allisyn and I am so thankful that it went as well as it did! We did not have any fighting from Allisyn other than that first night. I am so relieved that it went well, now if we can just get her to sleep in her own bed.... We are working on that, but it has been a slow process.

Today I attended my second "Young Moms" bible study that our church offers on Wednesday mornings. Last week Allisyn stayed hom with dad, this week she went to the childcare provided. She did ok other than making one of the girls hold her the whole time. At 29 lbs, she gets very heavy after a while. Next time I will have to tell them to go ahead and let her cry for a bit and she will probably be fine. We also got invited to go to lunch with some of the moms who are in my Sunday school class! We had a great time and it was nice to get to know some of the girls better. I have been feeling really bummed because Michael has been playing basketball with the guys so he has gotten to know them through that, but I had not had a chance to do anything with the girls other than Kim, who I have known since college.

We had great progress with Allisyn on Sunday. She got to move up in class and I think that helped a lot. She cried a little when we dropped her off, but she was smiling and playing and waving when we picked her up! It was a beautiful sight. In morning nursery we also had good results. She was patiently waiting for us to pick her up and we got smiles and not tears. Sunday night she would start crying everytime another little boy cried, but that will happen at times.

Saturday, I gave my first massage in loooong time (approaching 2 years in Decembet :-o) My friend Kim is pregnant and is due on the 18th of Oct. and I gave her a free massage as part of her shower gift. I feel it went well, she said she felt good the next day so that is good. She had called on Thursday to set it up, and from the time of the phone call until the time I finished, I kept asking myself, "what are you thinking starting out on a pregnant woman after 20 months?" Not because I think pregnant woman are more picky or anything like that, but because you have to keep them in a side-lying position and that was never a real strong point for me. Thankfully it all went well!

My mom is coming up on Friday to watch Allisyn for me. I am going to a party at a friend's house. Originally Michael was supposed to work, but due to some switiching around of the schedules, he got Friday off, so he is going to go hang out with some of his friends and watch some football. We offered to let my mom change her plans, but she is excited about getting to baby-sit.

Other positive news: Katy got a job!! She went through 2 interviews and found out last night that she has a job for a new Staples that is going to be opening up in Edmond! She is going to start at $7.15 and hour! I told her that not counting the Guard, I have never made that much in a job. I think she is getting really started. She gets started with orientation stuff this Friday. I am still helping her out with transportation, but hopefully she can get something soon.

Michael had an interview with Wal-Mart's district pharmacy manager last week. She was going to interview 2 other people this week and the let him know. He would be splitting his shifts between 2 stores here in Edmond. He would go from 40 to 36 hours, but with what we will be saving in gas and getting in benefits it equals out ok.

Well, my little angel just came in from her nap, so I must go.

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