Sunday, May 18, 2008

As Promised!

I know I need a cheerier post, so here are the pictures spending the morning at the farm with her Pap-paw, great-grandpa, and great uncle Kelly.

She was tickled pink to be able to hold the puppies! She was a little unsure about the lamb at first, but ended up enjoying playing with him too!

Kelly tried to send a puppy home with her, but we knew that Dad would not be as happy about it!

It was a little difficult to get her to understand why she couldn't chase the the chickens.

Can we say pure elation?
They were leading her around the yard a little bit. Hopefully next time my dad will have gotten a saddle and they can really go for a ride! It was a very fun experience for Allisyn.


msb said...

adorable! thanks for sending me the link; she's so big!

Kristen said...

So cute!!!

Hey, you're the winner of the contest. Congratulations. :-)