Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A quick catch up

Yes, I know I just posted 5 posts of pictures. Did you look at them at all? I'm catching up for slacking off with posting pictures. I have actually posted the last 3 picture posts with a sleeping Piper in my arms. Not an easy task.

Halloween went well. Allisyn did where her costume! As you can see in the pictures. Piper of course wore hers. She isn't at an age where she fights on too much. Just the car seat. She has started arching her back when we put her in. She will arch even more when she wants you to get her out of it. It is really cute.

Yesterday Allisyn had a pretty rough day. She decided it would be fun to go roar at a sleeping Paju. Hopefully she will remember the pain of getting scratched by Paju's back claws and won't do it again. Then she decided she was coordinated enough to carry some of her dishes down the stairs from her kitchen. She was about 4 steps down when she lost her balance and tumbled down. I walked in as she was falling. She got her first goose egg. It actually went down pretty quickly.

We are going to be going up to stay with my family for a few days. Michael is picking up some doubles and he works evenings until Sunday. I can honestly say that I don't really want to go. I'm not looking forward to the travelling alone, but I know it will be easier on Michael and Alli. Michael so he can sleep. Alli so she can have interaction with other people instead of just mom. That and if there was a day when Michael was gone for over 14 hours. She would NOT want to go to bed any time soon after he got home.

Anyway, I may not blog while I'm gone, but I should have more pictures when I get back. If I get around to posting them. Now I gotta go, my arm is screaming because it is asleep from holding Piper in the same position for so long!

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