Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Potty Trainig Day1

Start off the day trying to convince the toddler she wants to wear a pull-up. Not easy. Finally the dad has a GREAT idea about just letting her run around with anything on. Not even 5 minutes after he leaves for work, the toddler reports that she has peed in her sisters floor. Nice. Score one for the toddler.

Put on a diaper, go to Target. Come home and she wants some marshmallows that I bought. I tell her, they are treats for big girls who use the potty. Excitement! She goes and produces one tiny poop ball. YAY!! It's something. She does this about 5 or 6 times, insisting that we empty out the potty chair EVERY time. She gets distracted. Give me 2 points.

Piper takes a nap, we make Piper's first food. Pears, if you were curious. Decides she wants another treat. We go to the potty. She proceeds to pull down her pull up. Warning to those who are about to start this journey. Check the pull up first. It was not pretty. The funny thing...she tries to convince me it deserves a treat. Wipe away all of mom's points give them to toddler plus one. Score is now toddler 4, Mom 0.

Fast forward to me being on the phone with my aunt telling her about our day. Alli decides again to try to use the potty. YAY!! All on her own! She actually tinkles! WooHoo! Bad part is, she pulled out the dump thingy and tried to empty it into Lilly's (our kitten's) water bowl. NOT sure what she was thinking, but I'm pretty sure she understands we don't do that.

All the while a teething Piper is fussing and thinking she needs mom to jump at every squall.

So the end of Potty Training Day 1--the Toddler is winning and the mom is wishing she could pay somebody to do it for her.


Karen said...

Is it bad that I laughed hysterically? Karma will get me for it I'm sure.

Lea said...

Too funny! I too wish I could pay someone to do this. We are still struggling with it and the dad is asking when we are going to start potty training 201, to start the process over again. I really just don't want to. I don't like cleaning up pee all over the floor and doing upteen loads of laundry a week. Ben should be potty trained by now....he can be when he wants. But he is also passive aggressive and he pees in his pants if things don't go his way at times. Nick will be starting from scratch when we start PT 201, as PT 101 never took with him. He did great during the three days when we were totally, 100% focused on PT-ing but after the three days was up, he had no interest, even when we were still giving prizes and stickers. When he needs a new pullup, he MUST take a toy to the bathroom to play with while you change him. Ya think that might be an indication that he is not ready? I don't know what to think.

Good luck. They say girls are easier so I hope you will find it to be an easy chore.

Lisa said...

You're doing a great job, both of you! Alex is 3 1/2 and has just now decided he can do it himself. It was a proud moment when he was playing and decided he needed to go all by himself and went. This is after almost a year of treats, stickers, cheerios and hundreds of dollars worth of pull-ups. After telling him he had to start buying pull-ups with his own money, we just went cold turkey with real underwear and after he had to clean up the first poopy accident he decided it all needed to go in the potty. Boys are hard.

msb said...

I think I'll keep my thirteen year olds... they sound easier :)