Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm ready...

for next Friday!! A weekend away with 12 other awesome women with lots of shopping should provide a much needed break away from life!

My uncle James may get to go home next week! He is starting to do more and more!

Another blow life handled is my cousin Jacob, who is serving in the Air Force in Alaska, had his wife of 7 months leave him. No warning. He came home one night and she and her kids (from a previous marriage) were gone. Last update I had he still hadn't heard anything from her and she still had his truck. It was one of those things some of us thought would not work out, but you are really bummed when it turns out you are right. Jacob is one of those people that just gives and gives and gives and she just took and took and took.

Our first week of Mother's Day Out has come and gone. Alli had some rough starts to her days, but I think it is good for her. She is actually napping for them! I wish she would nap for me!

Piper is becoming a little person! She is a tough little booger and very persistent! We went to Chick-Fil-A the other day with some friends and I spend a large amount of time trying to prevent her from climbing up the slides. She always wants to be down and a part of what is going on. I'm ready for her to walk because she tries to get down so much it's hard to hold her sometimes!

Well that's our update for now. I'll try to get pictures up soon!