Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So it begins

Our week away from Michael. The girls and I made it to my mom's last night. The night was a little smoother than the previous however many. I'm still pretty tired. Piper seems to be feeling a lot better. She still has her moments of flat out whiny and irritable, which is totally out of character for her, but they are getting fewer and farther in between. Now we are having to watch for antibiotic induced diarrhea.

Michael went ahead and went back home last night. He starts a week of nights Wednesday night. Well, on Christmas day he gets off from the nights and then has to go back in to work the evening shift because he is "still in the rotation".

Hopefully the girls will be ok with being away from him for a week. Last night they were both expressing their dislike of him not being here.

Now both girls are in my lap making this hard to do!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Lea said...

Oh, that is going to be hard for all of you. I feel for you, especially while you have a little one who is sick and feeling yucky. I am so glad you guys caught it as quickly as you did. I hope she is back to her happy self very quickly. We look forward to seeing you guys soon.