Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm still here, I just use my phone a lot. I need to get the new keyboard on my laptop, it would make me want to use it more. I also have a few keys on backwards. It doesn't bother me at all, but Michael doesn't like it. You wouldn't think having the M and N switched wouldn't bother someone whose name starts with M, but it does. I don't look to type....apparently he does. What is really funny, he could switch them pretty easy!

I finally have Allisyn enrolled in a MDO!! She start this summer and Piper will join her in the fall! I'm really excited for Allisyn! She wasn't to excited about not getting to stay we enrolled. I have mixed emotions about Piper starting....

Anyone know where to take your vehicle when you have a BOOM! while driving and then your speakers stop working? It was kind of scary at the it's really annoying.

Piper is saying mom! She says "da" too, but we aren't convinced she is meaning dad. We know she means mom, because it's always when she wants me!

I've been really bad about getting to the gym, but I'm really trying to remedy that. I went swimsuit shopping today. Well, this is like the third or fourth time, but I found one today! It covers my bum!! I'm extremely self-conscious so I was pretty happy! Now I have to work up the mind to actually where it in public.

We have been working on Alli sleeping in her own bed. She usually gets put in her bed asleep, and then wakes up about 2 hours later. Our question for everyone out there, HOW do you get them to stay asleep? She very rarely takes a nap and she plays hard so you would think she would crash out and stay asleep, but no.

Piper is growing up way to fast. I really feel like I got jilted out of her babyhood. So far she is keeping it at minimal cruising. She likes the speed of crawling. She is always on the go. A small part of me wishes she would hurry up and learn to walk so I wouldn't have to worry about her falling and hitting her head as much. She loves her big sister and loves when Allisyn plays with her. Allisyn also dotes on Piper and loves to tell everyone she is her baby sister.

Overall, things are pretty good here!

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Lea said...

Hi dear niece. Good to hear an update on you guys. I miss you all. It has been a long time. Sorry we didn't make it down your way. We've been sick...again:). As for the sleep thing, I don't think it is so much keeping them asleep that is the issue. Everyone wakes up to varying degrees at times during the night. The trick is teaching them how to put themselves to sleep so that when they wake up during the night, they know how to turn over and go back to least, this has been our experience. Good luck. She'll get there eventually. They all do:).