Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life is wonderful

I'll try to get more pictures up soon, but I'm not sure where my transfer cable is. I could go up and use the card reader on the desktop, but that probably isn't going to happen.

Life really is wonderful. Michael was able to take 2 weeks off which has been great. Allisyn absolutely loves Piper. We hear "Baby's cute," about 20 times an hour. She loves helping out. She gets diapers and wipes, even when we don't need them! She loves sharing kisses with and holding Piper.

Our biggest jealousy issue is.....Daddy. She thinks momma is supposed to take care of the baby and Daddy is here for Allisyn. She has a few meltdowns daily, but she gets over them quickly. Thankfully she does not get upset with Piper, she gets upset with us.

Piper is doing great! She had her first check up Monday and is already putting her weight back on. Her pediatrician said they are usually bottoming out at that time. She thought Piper would be back to birth weight by the end of the week. We also learned that the hospital mismeasured Piper. They told us 19 1/2 inches. Her nurse got 20 1/2 and when we questioned it she measured her 2 more times and got 20 3/4 inches! We think an 1 1/4 inches is a bit impossible in 4 days!! I was pretty sure by comparing movements that she would be at least as long as Allisyn, and I was right. Now, her favorite position is bunched up in a little ball. She isn't a big fan of being laid down or the car seat, just like her sister!! Sooo I really need to find a good sling carrier...if anyone has any recommendations they would be appreciated.

My biggest concern is when I will have to take them out somewhere by myself, but I have a while before I have to tackle that task. I just want to say thank you again to my wonderful brother and sister-in-law for helping us out with Allisyn.

Well, my littlest cuddle bug is requesting my full attention. More pictures to come soon.

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Emily said...

Here's my piece of advice on taking them both out by yourself: The mobile one goes in first and out last (in the car that is).

I find myself saying, "I want to go there...but is it worth getting out the double stroller?"