Friday, August 29, 2008

We made it out alive!!

We did really great at the Omniplex! We started off the morning to a less than wonderful start. Allisyn got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep. She woke up when Michael got up when Michael did and did not get back to sleep. I was working really hard to keep her awake. I went with knowing that we may not last long because she did NOT get much sleep. I almost lost her about the time when we got off the highway, but I pulled her out of her sleepy state by telling her we were going to go play. Piper screamed the whole way there.

Thankfully we got there and Allisyn was wide awake and ready to go play! It was really nice with 3 moms. We had 3 sets of eyes on our three 2-year-olds, and everyone could relate when we had to nurse! It was a good time. Allisyn passed out soon after we left and headed for home. Piper even slept on the way home. It was the most peaceful car ride I've had in a few weeks!

This morning Michael was getting Allisyn dressed so they could go spend the day together. He brings her in some pink capris and needed help trying to find a shirt to go with it. I told him, it wasn't that hard to find a shirt to go with them, but if he brought a few I would help him out. What did he bring? A bright orange shirt with red lettering. A dark brown shirt with blue glitter lettering and a yellow shirt with pink lettering. I gave him a look that must have told him what I was thinking, because his response was "I really don't get it." No Michael, you REALLY don't get it! At least he tries though. He did do her hair on his own! After 2 botched attempts, he got her hair up in a pony tail. I don't think it will last all day since she wouldn't let him put clips in it, but I was impressed!

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Kimberly said...

I love the dressing stories! I am sure we will be able to relate in a year or two! We miss you guys - I must say I am eager to see more pics of Piper!