Monday, September 1, 2008

What was it like?

To have somewhat normal sleeping habits? I'm not even sure I remember when the last time we had normal sleeping habits. Here lately Allisyn has been waking up every morning with Michael at 5 or so. This morning she was up before him at about 430. Then she will stay up for a while and then go back to sleep. Sometimes sleeping in until 11! Of course naps are just about unheard of and if they do happen, they usually happen later than we want and on our way to somewhere. I'm not the kind of mom who will try to keep her exhausted child awake, and yes we have tried using Benadryl to help her sleep better at night. It doesn't seem to help her much.

Piper, on the other hand, sleeps GREAT! We might have periods of night that she wants to be awake and needs company, but she sleeps in nicely in the mornings.

I know I need to try to get us on a better schedule. But right now Allisyn's sleep patterns are so off and it leaves me so tired it just hasn't happened.

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