Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We are HOME!!

There's nothing like coming home after being away for a few days. We survived our trip home. Our trip there, Piper slept the whole way and Allisyn cried most of the way. She was mad about having to be in her seat. We had to stop along the road to change her diaper. A highway patrol stopped to make sure things were ok. She waited until we were just past the midway McD's to say she needed changed. When we got to my aunts she was so wired she didn't go to sleep until after 2am. It was great.

Saturday was a day spent with Pap-paw at Great Grandpa's. Alli had my dad crawling around and playing "where's pap-paw" with newspapers. Allisyn definitely has her Pap-paw wrapped around her little finger. Of course pap-paw and great grandpa were enamored with Piper. They have this endearing quality of just sitting and staring at their grand daughters when they are infants.

Sunday we had a small shower with family and friends. We got our double stroller!! We put it to use at the Tulsa Zoo yesterday before we went to Michael's parents. It is nice to have! We survived dinner at Michael's parents. They have really cleaned up their house. The changes are like they had been visited by Clean Sweep. Seriously, it was a shocking. I no loner have the excuse of their house is too messy as a reason for us not going over there.

Our trip home started out as unpleasant. Piper screamed until we stopped just before getting on the turnpike. Then screamed all the way to the first stop on the turnpike. She finally fell asleep at that stop and they both slept the rest of the way. Today was spent recuperating. Michael goes back to work tomorrow and I'm sure Allisyn will be upset, but we will get through it.

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