Saturday, September 13, 2008


Allisyn can now open the refrigerator by herself. She has been trying for a while now, but today is the first day I have noticed her being able to do it. This is fine when she has a cup of milk waiting on her. Not so fine for just about every other reason she opens the door. I lost count of the number of times I had to get up in the middle of a nursing session to remove her from the fridge. Good times.

Another wonderful point in our day....the mail. Normally not so bad, but today it was awful. I'm getting sued by some guy who I hit in a car accident two years ago. Actually I didn't technically hit him, I pushed the car I hit into him. The damage to his car was very minimal. I was told my insurance agent the only reason he is suing is because his lawyer didn't get everything taken care of within the 2 years allowed by the law. So now I have to try to remember all the details from the accident for the law firm who is representing me through the insurance. Did I mention that I was in my mother-in-law's car? So really it is their insurance. It didn't even total out her car. Anyway I got the forms from the law office today.

We also got the packet from Allisyn's pediadontist for preparation for her oral surgery. We got our medical insurance to cover 80% of the anesthesia (Praise the Lord), but somewhere between our last visit and when these papers were sent out, our responsibility for the procedure jumped form $600 something to $1600 something. Ummmm, HOW???? Needless to say there will be phone calls made to discuss this.

I'll put up some new pictures this week. Sorry I've been slacking on that!


msb said...

Surgery? What surgery?

I'm so sorry about the lawsuit. People suck.

Lea said...

Me, what surgery?? What's the story? When, where, what, etc. More information please.

That's such a bummer about the lawsuit. Who would have thought that after two years had gone by!

Sorry we weren't able to make it the other day. Would have loved to have seen you all. Maybe I can come see you sometime soon. Kathy and mom talked about coming here and spending the night so we could get an early start and all come to see you together. Not sure if they are still planning to do this sometime soon but, if not, I will come with the boys to see you guys sometime soon. Probably after next week though because Paul is on vacation. What's your schedule like these days?