Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Thankfully Michael was off on Monday. Why was Monday the best day for him to be off this week? Because Forrest ripped out his stitches to his surgical incision and had to be knocked back out and sewn back up. Good times. We now have an E-collar. Why they thought he would leave it alone, I don't know.

If you have never seen an clumsy dog in an E-collar, your missing out. Except when your 2-year-old stands in between him and the door on his way out. She had to go all the way out before she could come back in. She wasn't too happy about it, but it was kind of funny.

You can see Allisyn's teeth when she smiles! I'm still getting used to it. So far she has yet to put on her Halloween costume. I don't think she quite gets it. We took her to the Disney store to see if she wanted to pick out a princess, and she didn't. So we went to Toys R Us and Michael decided she could be a flower. I wouldn't be surprised if we never get her into it....but whatever. At our fall carnival at church, she wasn't into it at all. She didn't take any candy. Which is kind of nice to see after her surgery.

Oh well, if she doesn't wear the costume, it won't be the first article of clothing bought and never worn.


Audrey said...

Carson didn't wear his costume last year either. Although, he was 3. I ended up putting a football jersey on him as a shirt and he went as a football player. Not sure what you could do for a girl. Luckily this year he is into it.

Jana H said...

I'm sure as Alli gets older she will understand. Glad to hear her teeth are doing well. Let's hope your dog doesn't pull any sticthes out. I hope Piper is doing good. Hey, you could dress her up and she wouldn't be able to complain! It's her first Halloween! Anyway, good to hear from you. Much Love, Jana

Teapot said...

I hate buying the costume only to have them change their mind 1 minute before we are leaving to go trick or treating!