Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Rough Night

Yesterday was a good day. We got to catch up with our neighbors. We haven't talked to them much over the winter. They were having a small garage sale and gave Alli a stuffed animal. Like we needed another, but it was sweet of them. They told us where they had bought their flooring and told us how much square footage they had put down. They have the same floor plan as us. The only difference is their attic was not opened up like ours. So then we went and looked at some flooring. Have not made a choice, but we have an idea. We have decided to go with hardwood instead of laminate. We knew it was going to be more expensive, but we still had a bit of sticker shock! We just keep telling ourselves it is an investment and it will last a long time.

Then we came home and played outside some and then Alli took a nap. She actually napped in her own bed! Then she got up and fell back asleep on dad on the couch. It was cute. We also got a visit from my brother and SIL. It was nice to see them and get to spend some time with them. Allisyn absolutely adores her Uncle Dustin! I'm pretty sure he thinks she is something special too! Then our friends Jeremy and Natashia came over to watch the Kansas playoff game. We ordered some Chinese and had a good time. We tried to play a game, but Allisyn really wanted to join in making it hard.

We got to bed a little later than usual. Then we had a very rude awakening. Our alarm went off. It is very loud and scary. The back door was not dead-bolted when the dogs were brought in for the night and it came back open. For some reason Michael could not get it go off. As soon as I ran in and put in the code it hushed. The really bad thing, the alarm company never called us to see if we were ok. They still haven't gotten a hold of us. We have tried calling them, but we keep getting a busy signal. We have some code on the system that we can't get to clear, but we cannot get a hold of them to get it off. We aren't real happy with them right now.

Allisyn can sleep through the alarm. Which is nice when it is something like the door coming open and nothing really serious, but it really freaks me out if something were to really happen and she needed to wake up. That is one good thing about her still sleeping with us, if we needed to get out she is right there.

After sleeping through the alarm, she was up and down for the rest of the night. She had a night where she wanted momma. Usually daddy is requested at night, but not last night. Once we finally got back to sleep I was pretty worn out. I did not want to get up for church this morning, but I did. We all did, and we made it on time! This afternoon we spent a lot of time outside. Alli and Michael went for a bike ride and a walk and played "tennis" and blew bubbles. I worked on cleaning the garage. It looks a lot better. Once we get things rearranged again, it will be really nice.

Allisyn played hard all day. She took a nap on the way to church and slept all the way through service. She woke up at home when Michael kept trying to lay her in a bed. We are praying that she will go to sleep when we go to bed and actually sleep through the night. I don't think it will be a good day for mom tomorrow if I don't get some sleep.

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