Sunday, July 15, 2007

Getting out of the house.

So with all the rain here lately we have been getting in a rut of not getting out and doing to much. We really need to try and do better because our day goes much better if we get out and do something.

Here are some pictures of Allisyn playing at an indoor play place called Fun Stop. Here she climbing up little stepping toy. This is the first time she has took it on!

Here she is about to go down the slide. The first time I tried to get her to go down she freaked out on me. Now, I just sit her up there and she is sliding down on her own!

Here she is pushing a little car around.

Here she is just being cute! She is always cute, of course, this is just another example!! (Yes, I am biased, I'm a mom, it's my right!)

Today we got out of the house by going to a picnic with my mom's group. I found an online group to participate in play dates and mom's night outs and such. It has proved to be a great support group!

This is a before picture of Allisyn's room. This was the room of a 5-year-old. Kind of a dark color for a child's room if you ask me. This paint and boarder were horrid to work with. It took 3 coats of primer to cover it up and it still wanted to bleed through in spots.

Here is a picture of the finished product! We are going to back eventually and paint the trim, but we wanted to get her room set up. We are trying to transition her into her own room, but it is not easy. I am also working on weaning, but it isn't going well. Especially the night time. I don't think she actually nurses a whole lot at night, but she uses me as a human pacifier. I am getting very discouraged. I'm not emotionally capable of letting her "Cry it Out" as some people recommend. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Michael tries to help, but he gives up pretty quick and says, "We'll work on it tomorrow." I know he works hard and is tired, but I am too!

It is now 12:30 in the morning and I am so tired, but I can't get to sleep because Allisyn is a bed hog and Michael is snoring! We started out with Allisyn in her bed after I got her to sleep, but it lasted maybe 25 minutes before she was crying for me. She's been in our bed with me gone for about 45 minutes. I don't understand the difference.

Anyway it is late and I am tired so I should wrap this up and try to get some sleep. We are going to try to make it the early service tomorrow, or I guess today, so Michael can go with us. We are trying to find a home congregation, I am really excited about this. I'll post more on that next time!

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Jana H said...

Joy, I will definitely be praying for you with all of Allisyn's crying spells. That must be hard. I know that if you trust God, He will help you. Love you.